Can You See the Apple

its easy to see your website if its the only one out there.

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Our Portfolio

We are proud to be of service to

  • The Government of Brunei,
    Annual Civil Servant Improvement Programme Training
  • The Sarawak Government Health Ministry
    Diabetics Awareness Multimedia CDROM
  • JKR Sarawak
    Annual Dinner Launching Multimedia
  • JKR Sarawak
    "125 Years of JKR In Sarawak" Multimedia presentation
  • JKR Sarawak
    Local Intranet Content Managed System
  • Horwath
    Horwath Malaysia Lauching Ceremony Multimedia by Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz
  • Sematan Vista
    Project Profile & Marketing Site.
  • Utama Florist
    Simple Online e-Commerce application
  • Alvin Leong Photography
    Corporate Website & Multimedia Profile
  • Damai Beach Resort
    Official Holiday Portal with Online Booking facilities & e-Post Cards system
    Marketing & Market Survey mini site for a local One-Stop ICT Mall
  • OneTJ ICT Shopping Mall
    Mall Promotion Marketing Site
  • Natural Avenue (Special Cash Sweep)
    Corporate Website with revolutionary LiveDraw System
  • Damai Puri Resort & Spa
    Pre-Launch & Permanent Site Corporate Marketing Website
  • I-PMart
    Online Inventory Management & Invoicing System
  • The Spring (Feb 2007 - Feb 2008)
    Pre-Launch & Initial Launched Site & Corporate Marketing Website
    (note : The Spring project has been then taken over by their internal Marketing Team since the end of February, 2008, and the current site is the work of their in house developer.)
  • Guan Iek Sales & Services
    Corporate Intranet MIS with POS, and IP Surveillance System
  • Kaliman Timber Sdn. Bhd
    Corporate Website with Content Management System
  • Home Max Designs Sdn Bhd.
    Corporate Marketing & Promotion Website
  • Juruukur Bahan TEK Sdn. Bhd
    Office Automation Consultancy
  • Environmental Project Partners, KL
    Corporate Image & Identity Consultancy
  • Tsubame Borneo, Tokyo
    Corporate Image & Identity Consultancy
  • Scott & English Sdn. Bhd.
    Network & PC Setup with Maintenance
  • East Coast Freight Forwarders
    Annual Dinner Multimedia Presentation

We at MAD Technologies are able to help you find solutions for your ICT needs.

Listed below are what we have to offer in terms of ICT services:

IT Solution Provider services includes:

  • “Web System” development
  • Intranet Web based application development
  • Internet Web based application development
  • E-commerce application
  • Mobile Device application development
  • Interactive and Straight-line Multimedia Presentation for:
    • Company Profiles,
    • Sales toolkits
    • Training Toolkits/Material
    • Product Showcase, Launching or Promotion
  • Interactive and Straight-line Multimedia for the Web

IT Consultancy services includes:  

  • General IT consultation
  • Software consultation
    • Software Acquisition
    • System Building
  • Hardware consultation
    • Hardware Acquisition
    • Hardware Infrastructure Building
  • Networking consultation
    • Network Software/Hardware Acquisition
    • Network Infrastructure Building
  • Internet/Intranet consultation

IT Maintenance & Administration Services includes:

  • ICT System Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance
    • Software Maintenance
    • Software Helpdesk
    • Software Support
  • Hardware Maintenance
    • Hardware Maintenance
    • Hardware Support
  • Network Maintenance
    • Networking Software/Hardware Support
    • Networking Infrastructure Maintenance