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What We Can Do For You

Some of our products and services

Web site design and development service in Kuching Sarawak

Website Design & Development

We have been designing and developing websites for corporate clients for over 12 years. From single pager landing pages to Corporate websites for listed companies, we have delivered.

E-commerce , online store and selling online services for Kuching Sarawak market

E-commerce & Online Store Solutions

We also provide solutions for you to sell online. If you need a web store to sell your products on the internet, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are well tested and secure.

Payment Gateway Solutions for Kuching Malaysia

Landing Page Development

We have implemented multiple landing pages for lead generation. If you are running an online marketing campaign and want to increase your conversions, we have the right answer.

Our Ethos

We believe that Marketing & Technology must go together

In our ever changing world, technology is evolving at a fast pace. We are certain that if companies do not embrace it, they will be left behind. However, we also hold the opinion that technology by itself may not be beneficial if we lose sight of the main objective. For businesses, this is ultimately to exceed the expectations of their customers and to improve their own bottom line.

We believe in Sarawak’s SMEs

The entrepreneurial spirit is something that must be cultivated. Sarawak small to medium size enterprises are poised to propel Sarawak’s growth in the future. We aim to help Sarawakian SMEs to do so by providing them with the technological tools, from website design and development to Customer Relationship Management solutions.

Our Clients

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