At Madtech Systems Company, our mission is simple.

We are here, to work with you.

Be it through web design, online marketing, or through social network, we will work with you to achieve your objectives. We are firm believers in leveraging technology to improve our business processes. We are sure that companies must embrace technology otherwise they will be disadvantaged. However, we also know that technology by itself is only beneficial if it achieves the company’s main objectives which is to meet the needs of the customers while keeping itself profitable.

We represent over a decade of dedication in servicing our clients in the field of art, design, marketing, business knowledge, I.T. know how, web development, social network as well as search engine optimization. Our list of clientèle ranges from NGOs to corporation to governments, from small informational sites to official portals for listed companies.

We are also passionate about the many small and medium sized enterprises in Sarawak. We believe that SMEs need to fully utilize technology to allow them to punch above their weight.

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