Online shopping now is very common. Purchases of high ticket items like furniture, computers, cameras and even property are no longer strange. This can happen 24 hours 7 days a week.

Anyone can start to sell online nowadays using Shopee or Lazada. However, those sellers will be dependent on those platforms’ features as there is very little customization that you can do. Furthermore, you would be competing with other sellers on those platforms.

You can also go the route of using online e-commerce platforms like Shopify or EasyStore. This solution allows you to start up a store with them and only pay a monthly fee. This reduces the initial cost for your online store while getting more control and customization of your store compared to Shopee or Lazada.

A step above this is to run your own e-commerce site. This is when you need to have far more customization and control over your store. This also allows you to use payment gateways that have lower transaction costs. You have also more access to other plugins and even the ability to add custom features that you might need.

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